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Report card is in...

  • 353 high school students identified as struggling or falling behind in Cotabato City, Philippines
  • 10 schools across 2 regions hosting CHR remedial learning classes
  • 153 teachers receiving training oin supporting learners who are struggling

Ask any child, in any Childhood Rescue program across the world...

What will help you build a future?

They will all answer... an EDUCATION!

Without a doubt, this is the number one answer we hear, time and time again.

Children often go hungry, and take on jobs before and after school just to help pay for their schooling, that is how vital an education is to their future.

"I am determined to finish my studies." PRESS PLAY

In Cotabato City, Mindano, Philippines an defiant and amazing young Shuhaira (Sittie) explains...

"Life is difficult for us here.

Sometimes we can barely have enough to eat in a day.

But I am determined to finish my studies because I want to become a teacher.

I also want to help children who are similar to me and come from disadvantaged backgrounds."

More than a school uniform. Children take great pride in having a school uniform. More than a pretty dress or fun t-shirt, they understand that having a school uniform means having access to opportunity to learn and that is the foundation they need to build a future.

Arnann Jay Agosto

"We were still young when our mother left us.

And my father has passed away.

I live here at home with my grandmother and my sister.

I help my grandmother here at home with selling banana [and leaves], cleaning the house, doing laundry, washing dishes, and sweeping [the floor].

That's why sometimes my sibling and I sell bananas.

We earn around 300 pesos, and we use it for our daily school expenses."

This hero grandmother knows education is key and encourages her grand daughters to learn and grow. She expressed difficulty knowing she can't help more financially, but her love and support has obviously gone a long way for these two sisters.

Arnann Jay Agosto

For many children, helping the family survive takes preference to school.

Many families make the difficult choice and ask their children to work for a little bit.

When a child gets too far behind they drop out completely.

Ensuring chldren have agency and choice later in life comes down to education in their early years.

Determined to finish her studies and become a teacher. Shuhaira (Sittie) wants to support learners like her, who are falling behind due to their need to help their families.

Arnann Jay Agosto

Childhood Rescue wants children in school!

To do this we're providing schools with resource for struggling learners, training teachers and supporting families with livelihood and income training opportunities.

Helping children build an educated future takes a lot of work, and your gift is helping to make it happen.

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Learn More

Marawi, Philippines

Marawi and Cotabato City are located on the island of Mindanao in the south of the Philippines. The predominantly Muslim population lives in the crossfire of conflict between rival militant and terrorist groups.

In 2017, a siege began and everyone's life changed in an instant.

For 5 months, militant and government forces fought, destroying thousands of homes, businesses and infrastructure. Up to 360,000 people were forced to flee to neighbouring regions. Four years on, many families still can not return home and live in Internally Displaced Population (IDP) settlements.

A lack of security, health, food and education mean children are highly vulnerable to recruitment offers by militant groups. Childhood Rescue's will help children build their futures through education, health and peace building.

  • Terrorist and militant behaviour undermine social stability and children's futures

  • Terrorist attacks and kidnappings are common in the region

  • Natural disasters cause significant difficulties for families in the region