Popcorn, presents, a massive piñata, games, bubbles, music, a delicious Christmas lunch and joy.

886 children from 11 communities had an amazing first-ever CHR Christmas party and your gift helped make it happen.

It took a lot of work for this to happen, so let's walk through how it all went down :)

Popcorn and lollipops got this party started. 11 different location events were required to ensure children were safe to enjoy the day without fear of repercussions. Gang violence and ongoing 'turf wars' affect every aspect of children's lives, even at Christmas parties.

High up in this mountain village none of the kids expected a giant 'Hello Kitty' piñata. The team relayed how 'the kids went crazy and had an amazing time. There was a lot of joy and excitement from everyone, the staff and volunteers included. We were really proud, it truly was very special.'

Susana Garcia Ventura

For many of these children, this was a Christmas party unlike no other.

Each child received a personalised gift, a beautiful meal was shared, fun treats abounded, games were loud to top it off, and each family received a large bag of flour to help with food over the Christmas period.

This is not a normal Peace Club end-of-year party. This happened because of an amazing community partnership with a local company.

In 2023, the Honduras team committed to finding more ways to resource the Childhood Rescue projects.

They decided they wanted to find new ways to engage companies that would hopefully be inspired to join the journey of helping Honduran children build a future.

Your gift didn't exactly buy personalised gifts for 886 children, or supply 'Christmas' flour to hundreds of families. But it didn't help run amazing homework and peace clubs in 11 different and complex areas.

The success and clear results of our programmes are not going unnoticed. (Huge shout out to the small but mighty CHR team)

It was these results that inspired local businesses to join forces with us. The key partner company did a gift-matching competition with their staff, and it was truly the children who won.

Many children expressed their disbelief at receiving a brand new gift, just for them.

This was a big achievement for the Honduras team, which you and your gift are a part of. Building successful community and business partnerships helps our work greatly, it raises awareness, builds stronger local support and of course, helps to sometimes deliver something magical for the children.

If there's ever a time for some hope and magic, it's Christmas :)

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Honduras has a long history of political upheaval and organised crime. San Pedro Sula, the second largest city of Honduras, has the most murders per capita of any cities in the world. It is highly dangerous making it a perfect location for one of our three feature pilot programs. In our San Pedro Sula project we are creating safe spaces for children and teenagers. Our programs provide opportunities for learning, both educational and vocational training. We also ensure children participate in classes that ensure they know their worth and rights.

  • Gang violence, drug wars, and child labor are commonplace in many neighbourhoods

  • Honduras is the poorest country in Latin America

  • Millions of Hondurans have fled the country in the past few years; in fact, the so-called Central American 'migrant caravan' is widely considered to begin in San Pedro Sula. Many of those fleeing are women and children who fear rape, kidnapping and murder, and therefore they rather embark on a long and perilous journey.


of the population lives in extreme poverty