War — What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

You know the song, it's boldly catchy and you're probably singing it now...

Released in 1970, the song 'War' was written by Edwin Starr, becoming a number 1 hit around the world. A young man drafted into the US army, he returned and penned an album titled, 'War & Peace'. The song goes on to say...

"War, I despise

'Cause it means destruction of innocent lives

War means tears to thousands of mother's eyes

When their sons go off to fight

And lose their lives

It ain't nothing but a heart-breaker."

At the heart of that heart break are children. Innocent children.

Despite a childhood of war and conflict, Syrian children hold on, at times, barely, but still, they hope for peace, a real home and a future.

Whilst fiery ideological debates rage and media opinions roar, children are always our priority and focus.

And they want and deserve to build their future.

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Quick facts about the Syrian Refugee Crisis

  • Since 2011, more than 14 million Syrians have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety.*

  • Syria continues to be the world's largest refugee crisis, as 2024 continues, Syrians represent nearly 25% of the total global refugee population. **

  • As of mid-2023, 6.49 million Syrians have sought refuge, primarily in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, and Türkiye. **

Firyal is a nine-year-old Syrian child whose reality reflects more than 80 thousand Syrians. “In 2014 and while my daughter was walking her first steps, we were hit (by an explosive), my child was injured. In the end, we had no choice but to amputate her left leg under the knee,” Firyal's father recalls.

In 2022, approximately 468 million children were living in a conflict zone.****

That's more than one in six!

War affects children's,

Lives. Educations. Hopes. Peace. Futures.

In some of the world's most dangerous and complex places, we work with local partner organisations, faith groups and communities to help children survive, recover and build a future.



** https://concernusa.org/news/largest-refugee-crises/#:~:text=Syria%20continues%20to%20be%20the,Iraq%2C%20Egypt%2C%20and%20T%C3%BCrkiye%20

*** https://www.unhcr.org/refugee-statistics/download/?url=G33ews

**** https://www.savethechildren.org.uk/news/media-centre/press-releases/new-figures-millions-of-children-live-in-conflict-zones#:~:text=Save%20the%20Children's%20annual%20estimates,living%20in%20a%20conflict%20zone.

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Syria on the Eastern end of the Medditerranean is one of most ancient civilisations on earth. It is home to sites sacred to both Christians and Muslims alike. The country has been in the midst of a complex civil war since 2011, after peaceful protests were met with deadly violence from the country’s government. For many years since then, Syria ranked last on the Global Peace Index, making it the most violent country in the world.

  • More than half the country’s population have been forced to flee their homes and are in need of humanitarian assistance
  • Economic sanctions against Syria have crippled its economy, and almost 12% of children under 5 suffer acute malnutrition
  • 1 in 3 schools in the country have been destroyed
Syria’s war

has lasted longer than World War II