Rainy season causes massive headaches for our staff.

As roads become a tricky game of 'stuck in the mud', our hero staff ensure a way is found to continue our work. Check out the reality of a recent muddy commute below...

A muddy commute and some creative problem solving!

2hrs behind schedule is a very big deal for our Childhood Rescue staff.

When arranging project activities, the team must work very closely with security. All plans and routes are signed off to ensure activities can be reached and completed in the safest way possible.

This can include, travelling in daylight hours only, ensuring projects are completed before sundown to allow for the safety of our staff and participants to get home and also having safe houses accessible for staff when long trips take them to very remote areas.

You can understand how 2hrs stuck in the mud could jeopardize weeks worth of activity planning!




Mud was conquered, the staff made a way and the sheep baaaaaa'd!

Take a look at these happy amazing farmers!

Families received a healthy sheep, adding to their growing agricultural projects which also includes rabbits and climate resistant crops of cabbage, soy and seasonal vegetables.

Rodrigue Harakandi

All smiles as people prepare to walk their new pets home.

Rodrigue Harakandi

Mud, hail or sheep. Working in the world's most complex and dangerous places sometimes means avoiding bullets and sometimes it means avoiding muddy roads.

Throughout all of our Childhood Rescue projects it is the dedicated local staff that daily risk their lives to ensure your donations actually help families and communities survive, recover and build a future.

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The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country of vast natural wealth. Its natural resources include diamonds, gold, cobalt and oil. Yet these riches have brought suffering to its people. The decades-long armed violence between government and various rebel forces nicknamed “Africa’s world war” has crippled the country.

  • Rebel groups have taken over vast amounts of land, starving civilians and crippling the nation's economy
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