Beirut explosion

Beirut explosion

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In an instant! 135 dead. 5000 injured. Up to 300,000 suddenly homeless.

August 6, 2020

On August 4th, a large explosion occurred in the port area of Beirut. We are saddened and horrified at the loss of life and the destruction of homes, buildings and lives.

For the most vulnerable, the explosion will make life dramatically worse. Many families were already facing extreme hardships as Lebanon is in the middle of an economic crisis and has also seen the rate of COVID-19 infections drastically increase over the past few weeks.

“We are concerned for the health and safety of the people in Lebanon, especially all of those injured. We pray for their fast recovery, and for the souls of those who have passed away in this tragic blast,’’ says the head of World Vision Lebanon, Hans Bederski.

World Vision has been working in Lebanon for 45 years, since the onset of the civil war in Lebanon in 1975. We know this area, having had a strong dedicated team working directly in Beirut and Mount Lebanon for the past 10 years.

The people of Lebanon. Strong and resilient.

Christian Ghafary

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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Because we are already on the ground in 100 countries, World Vision can offer immediate and life-saving support when a disaster strikes. Emergency supplies, such as water purification tablets, hygiene kits and blankets are pre-positioned in warehouses around the world so it can get to the affected area within days.

COVID-19 is no different. Our plan is to limit the spread of the virus, to strengthen health systems and workforce, and to protect the most vulnerable children and the ones impacted by the pandemic.

  • Our goal is to help 72 million people, half of them children.
  • We already reached 36 million people in the first three months of our response.