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What we know

  • 6.3 magnitude earthquake, 35kms north west of Herat (7th October)
  • The death toll is currently estimated at 2,445 people (as of 9th October)
  • 1320 houses have been destroyed (as of 9th October)

How we're responding

  • World Vision, a first responder conducting initial assessments
  • 10 WV mobile health units are mobilised providing urgent medical support
  • 300 non-food item kits have been distributed (temporary shelter, tents etc)
  • NGO agencies to work together for most impactful response
  • Support is also being provided to our WV staff and families

A young boy stands amongst the rubble of one of our early childhood education space. Some of the children's paintings and visual learning charts remain, but the classroom is destroyed. Another heartbreaking blow to the fight for all Afghan children to be allowed to learn and gain an education.

It's been a devastating weekend in our global neighbourhood.

Our feeds filled up with shocking images, death and the threat of another war.

Whilst the earthquake in Afghanistan was not as widely publicised, this natural disaster has devastated thousands of families.

Many of those families have been impacted by your gift because Herat is the key region for our Childhood Rescue programmes.

We know the extreme difficulties children face in Herat. This latest crisis will compress the needs of these families, making it vital that we stand with Afghan children to ensure they can survive and recover.

World Vision team know this region well. As soon as permitted, the team were at the site to assess and plan how best to help families survive.

Thamindri de Silva our new WV National Director relayed the following...

"The situation is worse than we imagined with people in devastated villages still desperately trying to rescue survivors from under the rubble with their bare hands.

Reinforcements from Kabul have arrived this afternoon but there is only one hospital, and it is at full stretch with serious cases being transferred to other private facilities in the city.

Our colleagues and their families are processing this devastation in their hometowns, and yet we are responding with everything we have.

People need urgent medical care, water, food, shelter and help to stay safe.

Please stand with us as we respond.”

Families and communities continue searching for survivors beneath the approximately, 1352 destroyed homes currently reported. 

What comes next?

Emergency responses are part of World Vision's DNA.

The next steps are finalising assessments and implementing broader response plans.

WV Afghanistan will scale up the response with activities focussed on helping children and families to survive.

Programmes will focus on food, WASH (water, sanitation) and child protection in the coming days and weeks.

In October 2023, our Childhood Rescue programmes were already placed to increase support to children through health clinics and hunger-fighting activities.

In light of this tragic earthquake, your gift is perfectly positioned to deliver food, water and medical support to children in Herat.

Your Childhood Rescue gift is helping Afghan children and families to, survive, recover and build a future.

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Afghanistan is a primarily agricultural country in Central Asia, producing some of the world's best pomegranates, grapes and sweet melons. Afghanistan has been in an ongoing conflict since 2001, a radical political group has waged all out war against the government and taken control of many parts of the country.

In Afghanistan our projects focus on community building programmes. Their success relies heavily on collaboration with local community and faith leaders. Sensitively administered with respect for local culture and beliefs the programme currently facilitates community awareness sessions for men regarding child marriage and rights of women. We are also providing sessions for women and girls, to ensure they know their worth, feel safe in their community and understand their rights in relation to violence against women and child marriage.

  • Hundreds of thousands of innocent have been killed in the ongoing conflict, and cities have been left in ruins
  • The country experienced a devastating drought in 2019 which destroyed all the crops and 60% of the livestock in Western Afghanistan. The drought drove over 250,000 people from their homes to seek aid, but even the humanitarian camps they came to have run out of food by now. Many parents consider selling their daughters into early marriage to feed the family
One in three

Afghani girls are married before they turn 18.

More than 10%

of registered refugees in the world today are from Afghanistan