When deep-seated tensions over land, culture, and leadership boil over into war, conflict can last years or decades –– and its effects often last much longer in impoverished areas.

Innocent children are caught in the crossfire. “Many people in our neighbourhood lost people,” said Dalal, 17, who lost her hand when a bomb fell on their street in Mosul, Iraq. “Most kids are still very afraid and don’t want to go outside.”

  • Armed groups can often treat citizens like hostages when they occupy cities. Families face the decision to continue living in a warzone or risk being killed for fleeing.
  • A long-lasting war destroys water supplies, energy sources, and buildings that were once called home. Meeting basic needs like shelter and food becomes uncertain.
  • 70.8 million individuals have been forcibly displaced worldwide because of persecution, conflict, violence, or human rights violations

Once forced to kill, former child solider Dieudonné is building his new life. Refugees, Issra and Kussai hope for peace in Syria so they can go home. Take 2mins to travel with our reporter Helene as she meets these resilient children defying all odds in the face of chronic conflict.