In our second edition of 'Hope Keepers' we're heading to sunny and windy, Honduras!

Meet the incredible Cathy.

Her days are filled with tragedy and hope. She's witnessed heartbreak we can't really imagine. She understands the pangs of anxiety, suddenly not being able to breathe and has often wondered, 'Will this ever get better?'.

Her 'hope-keeping' tips are personal, relevant and can be applied easily into your every day.

Scroll and press play. Oh and don't mind the wind, it was a crazy day when we filmed, either way, hope pursues in spite of the circumstances, right :)

Breathe, it will pass & know your place in the bigger story!

For several years Cathy has been making space for children's voices and their stories. She has lived and worked through multiple natural disasters including the recent hurricanes ETA & IOTA. She is gutsy, bold and whoa, do not get in her way when she's advocating for children and families!

Story continues after "Quick tips for protecting & stirring your hope"

Quick tips for protecting & stirring your hope

  • Speak to someone if you're feeling overwhelmed, don't do it alone

  • Monitor your screen time & remember, hilarious memes are good for the soul

  • Seek out good news stories too & enjoy it!

  • Remember, headlines or social media are not the full story

  • Do something simple, take a stroll, bake, ride your bike

  • Don't feel guilty when you set boundaries, you just can't go to every BBQ :)

  • Remember what you believe, find quotes that uplift you, pray, meditate & be in a community

Until our next 'hope-keeper' installment, let us leave you with something to ponder...

> When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.” —Theodore Roosevelt.

(and breathe, let it pass and know your part of a big glorious story!)

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