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Have you googled 'Honduras' lately?

  • At least 46 women have died in a women's prison
  • Significant increase in gang violence resulting in many deaths
  • Estimated 8-9 Hondurans dying to violence a day (as at June 30th)
  • Lockdowns and curfews are in place in many areas Childhood Rescue works
  • Six children in our programs have lost their mothers due to the prison fire

'In an instant' life can change, thankfully, our programs are designed to change too

Our Honduras team are all safe, which we are very grateful for.

The team are in constant communication with local community leaders, assessing and planning how to safely provide assistance.

Building a framework of community partnership is great when things are going well, but it's even more vital when safe access to community areas is not possible for our staff.

Right now the team are constantly monitoring the situation and working out how to adapt programs.

The focus for us is always children.

Identifying children who are in danger or most in need is a priority.

Childhood Rescue is built to work in the world's most dangerous and complex places.

Honduras is definitely dangerous and complex and your gift does help children survive and recover.

If you're the praying type, please pray for our Honduras staff, the children who've lost their mothers and all of the communities we serve.

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Honduras has a long history of political upheaval and organised crime. San Pedro Sula, the second largest city of Honduras, has the most murders per capita of any cities in the world. It is highly dangerous making it a perfect location for one of our three feature pilot programs. In our San Pedro Sula project we are creating safe spaces for children and teenagers. Our programs provide opportunities for learning, both educational and vocational training. We also ensure children participate in classes that ensure they know their worth and rights.

  • Gang violence, drug wars, and child labor are commonplace in many neighbourhoods

  • Honduras is the poorest country in Latin America

  • Millions of Hondurans have fled the country in the past few years; in fact, the so-called Central American 'migrant caravan' is widely considered to begin in San Pedro Sula. Many of those fleeing are women and children who fear rape, kidnapping and murder, and therefore they rather embark on a long and perilous journey.


of the population lives in extreme poverty