The children of Tripoli know which side of the road is safe to walk on.

They know the horror of war and the weight of tragic loss.

Many know the feeling of working 12hr days.

They know the rumble of hungry stomachs and living in constant need.

And they all want — an education.

Beyond almost anything else, children tell us that an education is what will help them build a future.

Each year we ask thousands of children living in dangerous and complex places, what they most want... the answer almost always is, a full education.

"I want to go to school."

"I want to finish my schooling and get a job and provide for my family."

"I want to get a good job, so I can have a good life."

"If I don't have an education, I won't get a job and I don't want to live like this."

"People who are educated have choices."

Children enjoy drawing and colouring before the teaching begins. The 'Unlock Literacy' programme uses a range of child-friendly activities that are not only educational but 'fun'. The classes are aimed at supporting young learners who may be falling behind at school. If a child falls behind at school they risk dropping out of school and never returning, we're making sure those children don't fall through the cracks and can pursue their education.

The amazing girl's table in the Unlock Literacy class. These girls know, than an education will change their future.

Hicham Najem

Your gift is helping support the Unlock Literacy programme in Tripoli and we know they're helping to change children's lives and futures.

Unlock Literacy is not just a nice afternoon of colouring in, for many of these children, it's the key to not falling behind and staying in school.

These programmes are delivered in meaningful partnership with local organisations who like us want to ensure children get an education, despite the ongoing conflict, gunfire, tension and lack of food and income at home.

The Unlock Literacy programme is truly helping children survive, recover and build an educated future.

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