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Peace building through education — A dream come true for Honduras team

  • 4,400 children to go through peace culture training
  • Peace-culture curriculum designed by WV for teachers, parents & children
  • First curriculum of its kind in Honduras
  • 8 schools are apart of the initial rollout

Come along as we deliver the first 1442 'Bus of Tenderness' guides in San Pedro Sula

Think of Honduras and you probably don't say, 'Hmmm, peaceful place, I should visit.'

A history of gang violence, drug trafficking and crippling corruption, means most children grow up not knowing peace or how to work towards it.

The sound of a gunfight is common and everyone has stories of loss through senseless murder.

So it makes sense that a key initiative of Childhood Rescue in Honduras is peacebuilding.

We want Honduran children to build a peace-filled future.

If we want to reach real peace in this world, we should start educating children. — Mahatma Ghandi

The first delivery of 1442 'Bus of Tenderness' guides to our partner school in San Pedro Sula was a joyous occasion. There is an exceeding amount of unseen work and research that helped make this dream a reality. And this is just the beginning!

Susana Garcia Ventura

The 'Bus of Tenderness' manual was a methodology we first designed and produced for teachers and school staff.

A lot of support happens for children through schools and community programmes, but resources are not designed for teachers.

The World Vision team saw a big gap and opportunity.

Along with professional psychologists, the local university and key principals the WV team designed a peace-building methodology for teachers.

It also includes stress management and gives teachers access to complimentary counselling and stress management sessions with professionals.

After hundreds of teachers participated in the course, the feedback was loud and clear...

We need to make this child-friendly and adapt it for our students.

No convincing was required for the WV team to leap at the opportunity.

The guides are designed to be practical, child-friendly and fun (ie donut afternoons). Workshops address a range of social and individual behaviours and strategies and focus on teaching values and helping children know their worth.

Susana Garcia Ventura

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other — Mother Teresa

The 'Bus of Tenderness' methodology will help children and parents understand their value to themselves but also, to each other.

The Honduras team genuinely believe this resource in the hands of every school and student can change the future of Honduran children.

Your gift helps children all over the world, survive, recover and build a future.

In Honduras, we're serious about making sure that the future is one of peace and value.

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