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Climate resistant crops fight child malnutrition

Delicious results coming in from the incredible teams in Binza!

  • Farming groups are supplied with tools, education & climate resistant seeds
  • Onion, soy beans and cabbage are growing very well in the Binza region
  • Soy beans are a great source of protein
  • Soy flour is helping the community combat child malnutrition

Grab a soy latte & check out what soy is doing for children in Binza!

The effects of climate change disproportionately affect those already living in complex and dangerous places.

Being adaptable and innovative is key to ensuring communities are empowered to survive and build a future in spite of the climate.

Binza is an amazing example of how science, some shovels, tenacity and an incredible community can come together to change their own future.

Farming groups are given start up supplies including tools and seeds. Ongoing training is provided and women are championed not only to grow steady food sources for their families but also create income streams through selling to suppliers and markets.

Rodrigue Harakandi

The women get to work early before the sun gets too warm. They work as farming groups, tending to each other's fields. Take a look at those cabbages, wow!

Rodrigue Harakandi

Soy bean, cabbage and onions might not sound too appealing but they're assisting mothers in the fight against child malnutrition, ensuring they have alternative protein and food sources whilst increasing household income and stability.

When you live in a dangerous place you must celebrate the wins when they come. For the communities working the fields of Binza this is a heart-warming and delicious result.

We are in awe, particularly of the women who have survived tragedy, begun to recover and despite it all are set to build their future.

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