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Monday 7th March our project manager gave this situation update:

  • One related incident resulting in death

  • Ceasefire now in progress

  • Priority is safety & well-being of children

  • Post airstrike, community members, leaders & our team held ongoing talks assessing the situation. As the ceasefire has held for a few days, we have decided it is safe to begin activities

Lanie is an amazing emergency comms officer so adapting and being flexible is something she is very used to. Waiting for updates from the project manager, she took a moment to update us on the situation...

Just when the incredible team were about to press 'go' on the newest Childhood Rescue project in Mindanao, an island region in Southern Phillippines, a military air strike was launched.

In the places Childhood Rescue works, being flexible and adapting quickly is a part of everyday life. And that's exactly what the team are doing. We checked in with Lanie as she awaited news from the team on the ground...

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Marawi, Philippines

Marawi and Cotabato City are located on the island of Mindanao in the south of the Philippines. The predominantly Muslim population lives in the crossfire of conflict between rival militant and terrorist groups.

In 2017, a siege began and everyone's life changed in an instant.

For 5 months, militant and government forces fought, destroying thousands of homes, businesses and infrastructure. Up to 360,000 people were forced to flee to neighbouring regions. Four years on, many families still can not return home and live in Internally Displaced Population (IDP) settlements.

A lack of security, health, food and education mean children are highly vulnerable to recruitment offers by militant groups. Childhood Rescue's will help children build their futures through education, health and peace building.

  • Terrorist and militant behaviour undermine social stability and children's futures

  • Terrorist attacks and kidnappings are common in the region

  • Natural disasters cause significant difficulties for families in the region