Story continues after "Three women, very different callings, same remarkable commitment!"

Three women, very different callings, same remarkable commitment!

  • Dr Isabelle Siyara runs a hospital, helping to save children's lives amidst constant danger in East DRC

  • Sathi elevates the silenced voices of Rohingya refugee children in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

  • Asuntha Charles leads WV Afghanistan, truly, one of the most complex places in the world to be a woman

In honour of International Women's Day we thought we'd introduce you to some of our most inspiring WV girl crushes... despite extreme complexities & heartbreaking setbacks, these women are charging ahead to ensure all children have equal access to build a bright future!

I am a bridge...

Sathi is straight up, courageous! In 2017, Bangladesh instantly became home to over 700,000 Rohingya people fleeing deadly violence and ongoing discrimination. No one was prepared. In 2022, it remains a complex humanitarian crisis. In the midst of this, despite local opposition and anti-refugee sentiment, Sathi chose to volunteer with WV as an interpreter. Little did she know how it would change her...

Sathi found she had a unique gift, connecting to and elevating the voices of children who often feel hopeless & forgotten. She calls herself, 'a bridge'. Now on staff as a senior interpreter & comms officer for the WV Rohingya Response, Sathi also sees herself as an humanitarian and refugee advocate. And she's only just begun...

*For privacy & protection, we have refrained from publishing Sathi's surname

I've got no time for the camera, there's lives to be saved!

It's hard to get Dr Isabelle Siyara to stop, let alone chat to a camera. She's too busy saving lives! Despite the constant threat of danger and the difficulties of a severely under-equipped medical program, Dr Isabelle runs a hospital, leading a team of incredible staff dedicated to fighting child malnutrition. Decades of armed conflict, kidnappings and the forceful taking of homes & farming land means almost all children in the area will experience hunger and/or severe malnutrition.

Just before covid cancelled flights (2020), Helen was living in DRC & lucky enough to meet Dr Isabelle & her team. Everyone present were in awe of Dr Isabelle's brilliance, tenacity, leadership & unwavering commitment to the cause. We couldn't think of a more inspiring woman & role model to partner with us in our Binza Childhood Rescue projects. When she's got more time for us, we're definitely getting an interview :)

I am not a hero...

You could make a Hollywood film on this woman... be warned, she'd probably have it shutdown, instead imploring you to tell a story that elevated Afghan children and their right to build a future.

In 2021, the world watched as the US & international military and expats swiftly left Afghanistan, yet quietly, Asuntha Charles resolved to stay. Leading WV Afghanistan, her focus is the future of Afghan children, communities and her staff, especially her female medical staff whom she thanks in this video...

Her resolve to change the world is beyond our comprehension, but you can not keep her still to compliment her or talk about herself, she'll have none of that. We'll keep trying :)

Happy International Women's Day!

In some of the world's most dangerous complex places are some of the world's most inspiring and remarkable women. We don't need it to be International Women's Day to know how lucky we are to have these world class women leading the WV way and helping children survive, recover and build their rightful future.

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