"At first, everyone thought, Jusline would not survive."

In late 2020, our team came across Jusline.

Suffering from extreme malnutrition, she was fighting for her life.

The team immediately transported her to one of our health centres and she underwent weeks of initial treatment.

No one expected Jusline to survive or recover.

But miralces come in all shapes and sizes, this one was practical and helped by your gift.

Scroll down and see for yourself :)

Jusline was not expected to survive. In 2020, she was suffering from SAM, severe acute malnutrition. Communities in the East DRC region face extreme food insecurity. Tackling child malnutrition, health and food insecurity became the key initiative of the Childhood Rescue DRC programme, now known as the Binza Health Zone.

Rodrigue Harakandi

There are emergencies, conflicts and refugee crisises happening right across the world.

Most don't make the news.

Millions of children & their futures live within them.

These places are complex, extremely dangerous and often very remote.

That's where your Childhood Rescue gift abides, and it's where this amazing story of survival and renewal takes place.

Rutshuru, East DRC.

Jusline beat malnutrition, now she sings songs of peace for her country

Working in dangerous places means you are never just trying to solve one problem.

Everything is connected and nothing is simple.

Hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition stopped Jusline from enrolling in school, and almost took her life.

When we originally met her she was devastated watching all of the other girls in their uniforms walking to school.

During her long road to recovery, the dream of her own school uniform and one day walking to school sustained her.

Just as that dream became a reality, deadly conflict erupted in DRC.

Hundreds of thousands of families have been forced to flee their homes, crossing borders and moving to overcrowded IDP (Internally Displaced Person) settlements in major cities.

Fighting hunger & child malnutrition means, ensuring communities have sustainable food sources. Agriculture programmes are a major part of the strategy, here we see an amazing community farming group in their fields, ready to begin planting after a big record-breaking harvest. Crops provide food and income for families.

Rodrigue Harakandi

In late 2022, our Childhood Rescue team was evacuated from the Binza health zone, hence Bénédicte hadn't seen Jusline for a long time.

Jusline's family had nowhere else to go, despite the presence of roaming militant groups they stayed and tended their crops and hoped for the best.

In all of this, Jusline's dream of school days and a uniform were taken from her, again.

It's a complex web of difficulties and sometimes you can wonder, 'Does it really make a difference?'

We only need to look at the miracle of Jusline to know, 'yes' it does make a difference and it is worth it.

There are resilient children all over the world, just like Jusline, determined to fight whatever is in front of them to overcome and someday, build a future.

Talk about resilience and the power of imagination. Check out these bikes built by children in Jusline's village.

Rodrigue Harakandi

All over the world children are living in ongoing conflicts and emergency situations.

You might not see them on the news, but as a Childhood Rescue supporter, know that your gift is helping children in the most complex and remote places to...

Survive, recover and build a future.

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Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country of vast natural wealth. Its natural resources include diamonds, gold, cobalt and oil. Yet these riches have brought suffering to its people. The decades-long armed violence between government and various rebel forces nicknamed “Africa’s world war” has crippled the country.

  • Rebel groups have taken over vast amounts of land, starving civilians and crippling the nation's economy
  • Sexual violence is widespread
  • Measles and Ebola outbreaks have hit impoverished Congolese communities
Over 6 million

people have died from waves of war and famines over the last twenty years