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> No one wants to hear a child say... 'I'm really struggling'.

In Honduras, children live side by side with gang violence, murder & extreme poverty. We're supporting by providing safe places to play, hang out and 'ask for help'. Peace Clubs & Child Friendly Spaces are the perfect way to do that.

Through her Peace Club, Tiffany became aware that her mental well-being was being affected from bullying. Bravely, she asked for help and is now receiving individual sessions with a child psychologist.

Rafa Zaldivar

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In Honduras...

  • 180 children have received psychosocial and practical support through Peace Clubs

  • Peace Clubs are run in collaboration with local faith and community leaders

  • Many parents go on to join WV programs such as income generation & mental health programs

Look whose getting her mojo back & helping her Mum deliver sweet goods!

Tiffany loved school but bullying caused her to experience hair loss & social anxiety. Psychosocial support is helping Tiffany overcome as you can see from that beautiful smile in the video. She's gaining confidence and becoming active in the community again.

Peace Clubs are a top priority in our Honduras Childhood Rescue projects.

Peace Clubs are similar to a community youth group. Young people can hang out, play sport, learn life skills or an instrument or just make a friend. They offer a moment of calm, where they can just be young.

Providing safe places to normalise children learning about mental health & asking for help means young women like Tiffany can survive their present difficulties, recover with professional support and be given tools to overcome and build a peaceful future.

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Honduras has a long history of political upheaval and organised crime. San Pedro Sula, the second largest city of Honduras, has the most murders per capita of any cities in the world. It is highly dangerous making it a perfect location for one of our three feature pilot programs. In our San Pedro Sula project we are creating safe spaces for children and teenagers. Our programs provide opportunities for learning, both educational and vocational training. We also ensure children participate in classes that ensure they know their worth and rights.

  • Gang violence, drug wars, and child labor are commonplace in many neighbourhoods

  • Honduras is the poorest country in Latin America

  • Millions of Hondurans have fled the country in the past few years; in fact, the so-called Central American 'migrant caravan' is widely considered to begin in San Pedro Sula. Many of those fleeing are women and children who fear rape, kidnapping and murder, and therefore they rather embark on a long and perilous journey.


of the population lives in extreme poverty