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Natural Disasters

Droughts that ruin harvests. Earthquakes that destroy homes. Deadly diseases that infect millions. Natural disasters are hard to predict and harder to recover from for many vulnerable populations.

  • COVID-19 threatens impoverished communities around the world that lack medical care. These groups are especially in danger because their immune systems are already weakened from malnutrition and other illnesses.
  • In Herat, Afghanistan, refugee camps were hit by several flash floods in 2019, damaging what little resources people had left.
  • Months-long droughts and crop diseases in Central American countries, such as in Honduras, have driven farming families to sell the land they owned for generations and migrate northwards.

Passport and needle please! Our reporter Helene gets vaccinated for Ebola entering the DRC. She discovers the unlikely difficulties of managing deadly outbreaks and disasters. Be surprised by what she finds.