Story continues after "In an instant a fire destroys hundreds of homes & lives, your gift helped..."

In an instant a fire destroys hundreds of homes & lives, your gift helped...

  • Provide 200+ children with psychological support through Child-Friendly Spaces (CFS)
  • CHR staff conduct two weeks of full time child activity programming with a focus on fun
  • Provide 193 families with kitchenware sets
  • Distribute hygiene kits to all affected families

Fire destroyed homes, but your gift brings hope!

Emergency responses are a wild mix of expert planning and left-of-field problem-solving.

Turning up in the midst of disasters is a part of World Vision's DNA.

The people of Mindanao are no strangers to emergencies, they've lived in that context for many years.

They know the weight of political, conflict, environmental and economic disasters.

Through all of them, we have been there to support families and survive and recover.

Standing room only! Almost immediately after the fire had cooled, staff were ordering supplies and preparing kits for children and families. Here are boxes of school learning kits in one of the Childhood Rescue offices.

Arnann Jay Agosto

The Cotabato Fire Response demonstrated the flexibility needed by teams working in dangerous and fragile places.

'In an instant' situations happen all of the time, and many communities have no one to turn to except NGOs and local partner organisations.

Across the world, when emergencies happen, your gift works to provide children and families with the tools they need to survive.

Key distributions and activities in an emergency include:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Hygiene kits
  • Health
  • Psychosocial support
  • Child Friendly Spaces
  • Emergency shelter

A young father expressed his gratitude for the hygiene kits for his children. He is one of the hundreds who patiently waited in line to receive these supplies.

Hundreds of people patiently await a distribution of kitchen utensils, food and supplies. The WV trucks are very versatile, they are great for transportation but also quite handy for storing and helping distribute supplies.

Arnann Jay Agosto

Childhood Rescue works in places where there often are no fallback plans, and no social or government frameworks to support communities.

The role of NGOs and local partner organisations becomes crucial in helping children and families survive and recover.

Childhood Rescue programmes are designed to be flexible. So when things change, like a fire, a flood or a political siege takes over, our work and your gift can change with it.

In all circumstances, you can be sure your gift helps children to survive, recover and build a future.

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Emergency Response

Because we are already on the ground in 100 countries, World Vision can offer immediate and life-saving support when a disaster strikes. Emergency supplies, such as water purification tablets, hygiene kits and blankets are pre-positioned in warehouses around the world so it can get to the affected area within days.

COVID-19 is no different. Our plan is to limit the spread of the virus, to strengthen health systems and workforce, and to protect the most vulnerable children and the ones impacted by the pandemic.

  • Our goal is to help 72 million people, half of them children.
  • We already reached 36 million people in the first three months of our response.