You know the scenario - you're with friends, you chat, laugh at some memes, it's super chilled... but somehow the conversation turns to the current state of the world.

Shootings, war, hunger and the rising cost of living fill our feeds every day. It's a lot and we get it!

To help out a little we asked a few of our amazing staff to share some 'hope-keeping' tips they personally use to stay balanced in the face of the tragedy and uncertainty they see every day.

Scroll down, press play and meet Annila, she has got some gold to share.

Talk, look & turn up the music!

For 10 years Annila has seen first-hand the tragedy caused by tsunamis, the Rohingya refugee crisis, earthquakes and Covid-19 pandemic. She is honest about anxiety, anger & despair. Her 'hope keeping' tips are practical and relevant, wherever you are...

Story continues after "Quick tips for protecting & stirring your hope"

Quick tips for protecting & stirring your hope

  • Speak to someone if you're feeling overwhelmed, don't do it alone

  • Monitor your screen time & remember, hilarious memes are good for the soul

  • Seek out good news stories too & enjoy it!

  • Remember, headlines or social media are not the full story

  • Do something simple, take a stroll, bake, ride your bike

  • Don't feel guilty when you set boundaries, you can't go to every BBQ :)

  • Remember what you believe, find quotes that uplift you, pray, meditate & be in a community

Until our next 'hope-keeper' installment, let us leave you with something simple yet powerfully true.

> “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

—Desmond Tutu

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