*Warning the following story contains difficult content from the region surrounding our DRC projects

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East DRC context update

  • 26,000 people left homeless by increase in violence by armed groups clashing over territory

  • 1500 people have fled & crossed the border into Uganda

  • 24,000 people sheltering in churches & schools that lack toilets, food & essential basics

  • Childhood Rescue projects to continue but security says situation remains 'fluid'

"I heard gun shots and only had time to run. We came empty handed."

In March 2022, a UN peacekeeping helicopter was shot down by armed rebels. Eight people tragically died.

As a result, violence has increased with rebel groups fighting for territory around the Rutshuru territory.

On May 25th, the violence increased. For the sake of their lives, 26,000 people fled their homes, leaving everything behind.

World Vision is currently working with sceurity and emergency teams to assist families survive with basic essentials, like food and water.

The hope is that the violence calms and we can assist families recover and move home. At this point the situation is fluid and we will continue to adapt and respond accordingly.

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Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country of vast natural wealth. Its natural resources include diamonds, gold, cobalt and oil. Yet these riches have brought suffering to its people. The decades-long armed violence between government and various rebel forces nicknamed “Africa’s world war” has crippled the country.

  • Rebel groups have taken over vast amounts of land, starving civilians and crippling the nation's economy
  • Sexual violence is widespread
  • Measles and Ebola outbreaks have hit impoverished Congolese communities
Over 6 million

people have died from waves of war and famines over the last twenty years