Danger can not stop hope

Danger can not stop hope

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September 28, 2020

We work in some of the world's most dangerous places. Despite the nature of our work and its impact, there are no guarantees of safety, for anyone. In early September an ambush took place on a World Vision humanitarian convoy. As a result, one of our staff was killed and further staff injured.

We are shocked and deeply saddened.

The convoy was en route to deliver food and desperately needed supplies to Eastern DRC. The area is suffering from severe food shortages and high rates of child malnutrition, this only compounds already significant difficulties.

Like so many refugees, families in Eastern DRC have been forced to make heartbreaking decisions, fleeing their homes, crops and livelihoods, just to stay alive. Ongoing conflict, social upheaval and years of weakened government are just some of the complex reasons vulnerable children and families continue to suffer in the DRC.

In dangerous places, life can change in an instant. Despite this, it is our belief that all children, no matter their circumstances deserve hope. On the ground this can sadly result in devastating loss.

Our World Vision staff are hidden heroes. They literally risk their lives to ensure that children living in the world’s most dangerous places have hope and are given the opportunity to survive, recover and build a future.

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Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

Over 6 million

people have died from waves of war and famines over the last twenty years

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country of vast natural wealth. Its natural resources include diamonds, gold, cobalt and oil. Yet these riches have brought suffering to its people. The decades-long armed violence between government and various rebel forces nicknamed “Africa’s world war” has crippled the country.

  • Rebel groups have taken over vast amounts of land, starving civilians and crippling the nation's economy
  • Sexual violence is widespread
  • Measles and Ebola outbreaks have hit impoverished Congolese communities