We all know change takes time... but isn't it amazing when you actually start to see it happening!

After two years, our Childhood Rescue project in Binza is posting some heart-warming results. So you can see them too, we asked Rodrigue to take a camera to the latest cash distribution. No, we're not just handing out money, cash distributions are one part of a bigger picture that empowers women and families to build their own future.

When women in our Binza project receive cash, they also participate in savings groups and income-generation activities. They attend classes on nutrition and have access to health clinics for their children. In the past two years thousands of children have overcome severe malnutrition, communities are now growing their own climate resistant crops and women are creating their own businesses. If that's not an amazing deal, we don't know what is.

Press play & let your heart say 'ahhhh' cause your cash is making big change :)

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Food & Nutrition

Disasters, whether natural or manmade, often lead to food insecurity. Poor nutrition is an underlying cause of nearly 2.4 million childhood deaths each year.

People who had to flee their homes and their livelihoods are especially vulnerable and in need of food assistance. Nearly 400,000 Syrians, living as refugees in the Bekaa valley in Lebanon, have been enrolled in World Vision food programmes as they are hit hardest by Lebanon’s current economic crisis. We provide e-vouchers and cash options that allow families to shop for basic medication and home supplies.

  • Every 60 seconds a hungry child is fed through World Vision’s interventions.
  • 89% of severely malnourished children treated by World Vision make a full recovery