It's time to celebrate because our latest Childhood Rescue project is up and running!

So, what's on the impact agenda?

Education, health, peace clubs & income generation activities!

Child friendly spaces provide a safe place for play, professional psychosocial support & activities and... tea parties, of course :)

Lanie Carillo

Cotabato and Marawi City is the capital of Lanao del Sur province in Mindanao, south of the Philippines.

The city used to be a thriving town of merchants, farmers and fishermen. The residents, known as the Maranao, mostly lived around Lake Lanao, which is the second largest lake in the Philippines, thus the Maranao is also known as “the people of the lake.” 

In 2017, everything changed.

In an instant hundreds of thousands had to flee for their lives.

Terrified and unprepared, many families became separated. Caught in a crossfire of gunfire and confusion, they walked to neighbouring towns that were unprepared for the arrival of over 360,000 people.

Families arrived with nothing and were in need of everything.

We were crying because we thought it would be the end of us, even the children might be killed," recalled Aslimah.

The sudden conflict took everyone by surprise. Whilst the community were aware of ongoing tensions the life changing violence was unexpected.

Thousands of families from the area known as Ground Zero, still have not been able to go back to their destoryed homes and these are the families the latest Childhood Rescue project will serve.

Things are just getting started but watch this space, as we show you how your gifts are being used in real, practical ways making sure the children of Cotabato City and Marawi City can recover and build a future.

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Marawi, Philippines

Marawi and Cotabato City are located on the island of Mindanao in the south of the Philippines. The predominantly Muslim population lives in the crossfire of conflict between rival militant and terrorist groups.

In 2017, a siege began and everyone's life changed in an instant.

For 5 months, militant and government forces fought, destroying thousands of homes, businesses and infrastructure. Up to 360,000 people were forced to flee to neighbouring regions. Four years on, many families still can not return home and live in Internally Displaced Population (IDP) settlements.

A lack of security, health, food and education mean children are highly vulnerable to recruitment offers by militant groups. Childhood Rescue's will help children build their futures through education, health and peace building.

  • Terrorist and militant behaviour undermine social stability and children's futures

  • Terrorist attacks and kidnappings are common in the region

  • Natural disasters cause significant difficulties for families in the region