In November 2020, the world tuned into Tigray, Ethiopia. Ongoing unrest escalated into a deadly conflict forcing thousands of innocent children and families to flee for their lives.

Six months later the conflict and crisis continues. Take 2 mins to head 'on the ground' as the team explains how IDP settlements and emergency responses work.

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Sudden Conflict

Gang activity, terrorism, or civil unrest are less predictable than other forms of violence, and take advantage of the poor communities of the world’s most dangerous places.

Rafael, a World Vision facilitator lives in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, the city with the highest number of murders per capita in the world. He was held at gunpoint by gang members himself, remarking, “it was one of the most difficult experiences I have yet had to live.”

  • Many poor neighborhoods in Honduras are controlled by gangs that harass and threaten innocent people.
  • The murder rate is so high in Honduras that nearly half of refugees leaving the country said a relative of theirs had been killed violently.
  • Rebel and terrorist groups in Iraq and the Democratic Republic of Congo constantly ambush areas with weak law enforcement, kidnapping children as hostages or child soldiers.

How does ‘Sudden Conflict’ affect children? Take 2mins and head to Honduras! Join our reporter Helene as she finds answers through a former gang member, a school brass band and World Vision volunteers.