Take a bumpy drive with us as we venture through dangerous sections of the Democratic Republic of Congo to find safety, learning and lots of smiling faces!

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Weak Governance

We should expect that any government would provide for its people in times of crisis. Sadly, many vulnerable people in the world’s most dangerous places are ruled by governments that are unwilling or unable to provide the most basic safety to their citizens.

  • Millions of impoverished Hondurans lack basic government protection from high rates of crime, an issue attributed to income inequality and corruption.
  • The lack of strong education systems in these countries has led to over 2 million children being out of school, many of whom now work or are involved with gangs.
  • The United Nations recently reported that the South Sudanese government starved nearly 13 million people on purpose as a war strategy, and put millions of dollars intended for humanitarian aid into its military instead

Why can’t you make a phone call at 6pm? Who will die next from drinking the water? Our reporter Helene takes us on a 2min trip to Afghanistan and Lebanon, discovering some unusual and life threatening effects of weak governance.