Many vulnerable families don’t have the means to escape poverty because of lack of jobs or sanctions that drive up prices on essential products. They suffer the consequences of their government’s actions.

Impoverished families often resort to desperate measures for money. Zafira from Qala, Afghanistan experienced this firsthand when her family arranged her marriage for a dowry payment. She was just 11 years old. “I hope that one day Afghanistan is free, that all women, in all corners of the country, have a job where they can earn money, and that nobody can subject them to violence,” says Zafira.

● In countries that lose economic stability because of war, a shift in government, or a natural disaster, unemployment rates can routinely rise above 20%.

● Many societies rely on the father as the sole breadwinner. Without them, the whole family has no income.

Parents don’t just sell their children or put them to work! Our reporter Helene discovers it’s far more complicated than that. Take 2mins as she takes us to rural Afghanistan and a refugee camp in Lebanon, speaking to resilient children determined to build a future.