Climate change - arguably the greatest challenge facing our modern world.

We clearly see the effects of climate in the news & on our social media feeds. Images of natural disasters and unheard of weather phenomenons such as uncontrollable fires, snap freezes, rising sea levels, flooding and drought demonstrate the changes in our natural world and the heart-breaking effects on people's lives.

Climate affects us all, but the most vulnerable are affected in ways we just don't associate with the climate change.

Have you ever thought of climate change resulting in the drastic increase of child marriages or child labour? It can seem disconnected, but we constantly see the effects of climate change and how it severely increases the underlying issues of poverty.

Violence, neglect, exploitation and displacement rob children of their childhood and their future. Climate and issues of poverty are all connected, with food insecurity being one of the greatest threats to children living in the communities we serve.

Empowering people to survive disaster and build sustainable futures is a significant way we're working to fight the effects of climate change in the world's most complex and dangerous places.